Being able to complete all of your tasks in a co-ordinated manner thanks to a single team of professionals means that AMG is able to offer customers optimum performance with regards to assets.

This includes advice on all areas of property law and planning as well as wealth management:


  • Understanding property law: purchases, exchanges, creation of easements, cancellations, etc.
  • Urban land management.
  • Drafting of the conditions of the lease.
  • Outline of the legal contract including most incidents and avoiding defaults.
  • Marketing and communication with prospective tenants.
  • Tax treatment of real estate assets and their performance.
  • Management of the technical legality of the property.
  • Maintenance and management of properties. Legal treatment of unpaid bills.

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At AMG, we strive to improve and we like to learn something new every day. In a sector like ours, which is full of constant changes and updates, we enshrine continuous training as part of our values.